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Supply Chain & Logistics

B3's core competencies include logistics as its third key area of expertise. B3 has performed a wide variety of logistical support for the following military branches: Air Force, Army and Navy. B3 has also provided logistics support for the Pentagon OSD, FEMA within DHS, the Tucson Primary Support Facility for CBP under a FAA MOU, and, finally, provides reliability centered maintenance support for the FAA in their air traffic control organization.

Logistics is a natural fit for B3, as the CEO and COO are retired Army Officers and our three operational Vice Presidents are also former military with Specialization in the Supply and Operations designation for the Marine Corps, a Senior Navy Officer with Ship Command experience, and, finally, a former Navy Supply Corps Officer. With this senior leadership background, and a myriad of employees who have various levels of logistical expertise, B3 knows and understands what it takes to run, and effect an efficient logistics operation across all branches of DoD and Civilian Agencies.

Some of the major areas of logistics expertise B3 performs includes receipt, processing and delivery of materials through the use of hand held devices for customer receipt; operating large warehouse operations;  inventory control;  asset management; special event support;  Property Book support; Self Service Supply Store and Central Issue Facilities operations; Hazardous Material Operations; small office setups and moves;  system furniture assembly and tear down; and equipment turn in operations. For civilian agencies, in addition to the types of support described above, B3 provides analytical and diagnostic support for equipment to improve the reliability and maintainability. Our RCM program was developed based on the Navy's reliability and maintainability processes as a model. We continue to support and enhance that FAA program today.  Additionally, B3 provides second level engineering at the system level, and maintains a nationwide just-in-time inventory for mobile surveillance systems, including tooling out of production spare parts.

B3's leadership background, hands-on experience, and successful methodologies have continued to meet or exceed both defense and civilian agency logistics requirements.  Our team of professionals have garnered multiple customer accolades for our ability to meet objectives well within budget and within all performance criteria; winning high marks through customer feedback.